Healthy Youth Survey in the State of Washington

The Healthy Youth Survey (HYS) is administered in the State of Washington to public school students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12. This survey is administered every other year . It is scheduled to be administered again in the fall of 2008. The survey appears to be based on the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey that is administered in many other states across the country in odd number years. The kinds of questions asked on these surveys are invasive, intrusive, offensive, inappropriate, and highly suggestive for impressionable youngsters.

A sample of the questions–
During the past 30 days, on how many days did you smoke cigarettes?
During the past 30 days, on how many days did you use chewing tobacco, snuff, or dip?
During the past 30 days, on how many days did you drink a glass, can, or bottle of alcohol (beer, wine, wine coolers, hard liquor)?
During the past 30 days, on how many days did you use marijuana or hashish (grass, hash, pot)?
During the past 30 days, on how many days did you use derbisol (wagon wheels, hope)?

These questions are asked in such a way as to assume the student already does these things. These questions suggest to students that others are doing these things and maybe they should do them as well if they aren’t already.

Supposedly notes are sent home to parents regarding this survey. Parents have to respond in writing to have their child excused from the survey. The majority of notes of this nature never make it home as they end up in the classroom trashcan. As a result, many parents are never aware this survey is being administered. Even if a parent does get this note, they will not have any idea of the content of the survey. Many parents would object to their child participating in this survey if they were aware of the survey contents.

Copies of some of the past surveys are available online. Forms A and B are for students in grades 8, 10, and 12. Form C is for students in grade 6.

You can check here to see if your local school is registered to participate in the 2008 Healthy Youth Survey. Registered Schools List.

Parents should expect notification of the survey in late September. The survey will be administered between Oct. 13 and 17.

Download the Parent and Student Information Flyer here.

Timeline for the 2008 Administration

Sep-22-08 Survey materials shipped to schools

Sep-26-08 Last day to notify parents and students per IRB requirements

Oct-13 to 17 Survey administration

Oct-24-08 Last day to return survey materials

Mar-1-09 Local reports and slides sent to ESDs, counties, and districts

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1 Response to Healthy Youth Survey in the State of Washington

  1. Anonymous says:

    The note to parents says: “Students not taking the survey will be provided with an alternative activity, <>such as reading or working in the library<>. There is no penalty for not taking part in the survey. Your student’s grades will not be affected.”Sounds like a penalty to me.

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