Common Core: Something Rotten in Education

Common Core Booklet1This is an outstanding publication authored by Jenn Jones, Jaime Munns, and Darlene Eulie of the As A Mom Common Core Team.  This document is a good one to give to people who haven’t been introduced to or are just beginning to find out about the Common Core State Standards.  You can read the full document on the Common Core: Something Rotten in Education page of this website.  You can download the full eight page pdf document by clicking here.  You can download the pdf flyer on the last page by clicking here.


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2 Responses to Common Core: Something Rotten in Education

  1. Victoria Rosich says:

    I have been talking and posting and emailing about CC for months. Today, I felt defeated as i saw the Pearson reading/writing books in the entry way of my children’s school. I posted how horribly I felt on fb and suddenly got replies that I was not alone!! Many Moms today are finally finding their voice in MI. I pray it is not too late. Thank you for helping us!

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