A Pig in a Poke

Jimmie Applegate is a retired Central Washington University professor.  He recently wrote a column for the Daily Record in Ellensburg called Common Core Standards off Mark.

Mr. Applegate very succinctly addresses some issues related to the Common Core State Standards adopted by Washington State and being implemented by school districts across the state.  Some key issues he touches on are the violation of the constitution and US Code, the funding of the development of the CCSS, and the loss of local control.

He makes the case that we have bought a “pig in a poke”.  Most people, includingIMG956017 the state, do not know what our state has bought and we really don’t know what we have given up in doing so.

I recall learning in English class that there is a difference between fact and opinion.  I also recall learning more about fact statements—fact statements can be true or they can be false.  So just because something is stated as a fact does not make it true.  You are encouraged to do your own fact checking to determine if statements you see and hear about the CCSS are true or false….  or somewhere in between.

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