Original Patriot Opposes Common Core in Indiana

Original Patriot Opposes Common Core in Indiana
By Mercy Otis Warren
Mercy Otis Warren was the wife of politician James Warren; she was an advisor to Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and especially John Adams. Her spirit is still alive today.
Below is her response to the August 14,2013 Indianapolis Star opinion entitled: “Out-of-state critics attack Common Core in Indiana”

As a patriot and an American, I wish to respond to a recent opinion targeting 220px-Mercy_Otis_Warrencritics of Common Core’s nationalization of Education as it relates to Hoosiers.

Since the author references the concept of “critical thinking”, it is only prudent that we point out a few basic principles of “critical thinking.”  The first principle being: to consider the source of any opinion, comment or “information.”

Applying this principle, it should be noted that the author identifies himself as the executive director of Stand for Children Indiana, which interestingly enough, is funded in part by the same Foundation that funded the Common Core Standards. This same Foundation also funds the Chamber of Commerce, Tripod Project, Excellence in Education, the Common Core curriculum publishers, the Assessment consortia and a host of other Common Core, data-base-system-aligned entities.

This Foundation has a great deal of influence. Since Common Core, its aligned curriculums, content, texts, assessment tests and data systems rely heavily on the computer and information technology, these investors stand to reap a heavy financial gain from their funding of Common Core Nationalization of Education.

Critical thinking principle number two reminds us that in order to “think critically”, one must have an established criteria by which to discern truth from error, deception from ignorance, and ideologies in opposition to the promotion of one’s personal liberties.

Which brings us to THE critical point of the purpose of education in America. The intent of education in America was to instill Godly moral values, a unifying Patriotism, and equip our citizens to be capable of self-government in a Constitutional Republic. You recall, I was the one who wrote a pamphlet that advocated for The Bill of Rights to be part of the Constitution.

Having been present at America’s outset, I can attest that the purpose of education in America was never to create a global workforce.

As a fellow “propagandist”, oh yes, that’s what we publicists were known as back then, I must point out some erroneous publicity. The word “rigorous” continues to be applied to these Common Core Standards. Etymologists will verify that “rigor” implies rigid, immovable, as in rigor of mortis. Being deceased for a nearly two centuries myself, I can attest that rigor is not a desirable state of being.

21st century or not, a continual evolution of the meaning of words will not lead to improved education in America. In order to accurately convey ideas, one must use proper, consistent clarity in labeling and assigning meaning to any concepts or content. If not, the result will be confusion, chaos, coercion and corruption; not communication.

That explains the next incorrect term associated with these Common Core Standards: “benchmarked.” These standards are clearly not “benchmarked.” If they were, one would of course be using out of state critics, as that is the customary method for “benchmarking.” Benchmarked means comparing to other outside sources; sources that reveal excellence in standardized testing across the world. So what is the big offense in having an outside panel of experts to testify regarding these Common Core Standards?

This panel of experts is the noted leads in their fields of education. In fact several of these experts were asked to serve on the committee that developed the common core standards. Several did, and refused to endorse them. That is why they are qualified to speak with such insight in opposition to these standards. In truth, several of these experts do reside in Indiana.

Regarding the witnesses chosen to testify in favor of Common Core,
Logic does not appear a strong suit these days in selecting witnesses.

One must question the wisdom of taking testimony from employees of a government business to testify objectively regarding decisions of their employer. It is well documented that teachers and administrators employed in public education do not sense a liberty to speak out truthfully regarding their opinions of: Common Core Standards, its “rigid” demands of one-size-fits all, teach to the assessment testing and teacher evaluations linked to student performance.

Educators in the public system recognize that if the word “insubordination” is assigned to their personal file, they could face termination or loss of tenure, loss of benefits, transfer and ultimately separation from the students they have invested their lives in.

What would you expect a teacher to say when faced with these ultimatums? Like any dutiful employee who values their position and cares for children, they do as they are told and say what they have been told to say. To expect a public employee to testify against the employer state, suggests a substantial naiveté as to the realities that face public educators today. This is not applying critical thinking or empathy for those caught in the crossfire of the classroom.

The spin on the listed trade associations’ reasoning for continuing Common Core was keen on the ultimate motivations driving Common Core et al. That being money. To quote, “ the [trade associations]...spoke about the level of investment already put into aligning school curriculum with the Common Core.”

This appears to suggest that if one has already invested in an effort to manufacture a deadly virus one should stay the course solely because of financial investment already committed to this deadly endeavor. Stay the course regardless of the proof of the ensuing destruction of making an entire generation of Hoosier students the guinea pigs in a national technocrat lab.

The most ironic of these comments lies in the contradiction of attempting to link Governor Pence’s statement regarding “education standards should be determined by Hoosiers for Hoosiers.”

Hoosiers did NOT write the Common Core standards. Five individuals, who appear to have largely disregarded the contributions of others, essentially wrote common Core standards.

None of these five individuals reside in the Hoosier state.

Lastly, make no mistake, multitudes of Hoosiers, as well as millions of parents, educators, leaders, and citizens across the United States of America do not endorse Nationalization of Education via Common Core standards or any other set of uniform Standards.

As a founding American, I will remind Americans that America was founded by unique individuals, pursuing Life, Liberty and the development of heirs that would be equipped to self-govern in our Great Republic: The United States of America. One Nation Under God. We were not and never will be part of a Common Corps.

Most respectfully yours,

Mercy Otis Warren  (1728-1814)
“A Columbian Patriot”

Author: History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution; Advisor, Confidante and Counselor and protégé of John Adams. John Adams wrote to Mercy’s husband,  “Tell your wife that God Almighty has entrusted her with the Powers for the good of the World, which, in the cause of his Providence, he bestows on few of the human race. That instead of being a fault to use them, it would be criminal to neglect them.”


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