What we fear is here… Student data leaks

The link to a blog article titled What we fear is here ~ as seen with my own eyes. was sent to me.  The article shared information aboutfile0001817418615 personal student data that was was leaked and posted on the web.  Was the system hacked?

Like the author of Parents Need to Know About Student Data Privacy, I have anticipated that “Eventually, whether for sport, competition, or profit, hackers will compromise the state longitudinal data systems.”  It has started…   or, perhaps it has been happening for a long time now and we just never are informed.

As a parent, are you prepared for the unauthorized online disclosure of personal information about your child? About yourself?  About your child’s teacher?

Here are links to articles related to this leak:

Sachem Students’ Personal Information Leaked to the Web

Parents: NYSED Must be Stopped from “Commodifying” PII off the backs of students! This is a Must Read!

NY: Sachem School District has student data leak

Police, Sachem look into possible data leak

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