Lunch Room Palm Scanners in Washington State?

Yes, you read that correctly.  In WA we often read about things taking place in other states and may feel comfortable that it won’t happen here.  Definitely not in our back yard!  Well, we have a lot of things happening in our back yard.  It’s just hard to tell what parents, community members, taxpayers, and voters will take up as something they don’t want in our back yard.

One of the headlines on the Tacoma News Tribune today was Puyallup schools turn thumbs down on lunch line palm scanners.

Parents objected to the use of palm scanners.

Some objected to what they viewed as an invasion of student privacy. Others were creeped out by the concept that schools would be collecting biometric data from children — even though school officials said the devices did not store a child’s “biometric footprint.”

Are the schools collecting other data that parents would object to if they really knew about it?  Will these parents start asking questions about other data being collected in the watchingschools about their children?  Will these parents and others be concerned about the federal government being provided access to student level data gathered through the Smarter Balanced Assessments which the state has committed to start using?  Or will the parents be satisfied now that the district has returned the palm scanners?  Instead of palm scanners, I wonder if the district would consider retinal scanning?

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1 Response to Lunch Room Palm Scanners in Washington State?

  1. C says:

    This is coming to our pa schools if we don’t open our mouths! And worse!’n

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