Together We Can Stop The Testing Madness

Did you know that PARENTS hold the power to take back the education system from those who have stolen it? Refuse to give the testing monster the data on which it feeds. No data, no sorting, no failing, no punishing schools or children.


Seattle Education

opt-out5 The public elementary schools we attended as children no longer exist. The buildings may be there, but everything else has changed. Why? Public education has been radically altered by the dictates of Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush’s No Child Left Behind, and Obama’s Race to the Top. These changes have made elementary education almost unrecognizable to most adults.

Sure, kids still sit at desks, have rug time, and do worksheets. But the school nurse is long gone, unless the PTA can afford to keep her. The cafeteria ladies have been cut too. Now you’re lucky to have one, who no longer cooks meals. Most kids have never had access to an art teacher and only know about school counselors by watching television.

What’s most alarming is the emphasis to evaluate and sort children based on standardized test scores, specifically math and reading. Sure, growing up we took some bubble tests…

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1 Response to Together We Can Stop The Testing Madness

  1. Robin Nelson says:

    Just the thought of how much power the government has over our children in the public school system is mind boggling. For right now my granddaughter is being home schooled. There are many facets of Common Core which are undesirable…I often think that those coordinating and running things in our public schools are uneducated pedophiles who want our country to become like NAZI Germany, teaching our children to become good little communists. This is truly a scary time we live in. Our children are the most precious part of our futures. People had better WAKE UP and STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

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