Tweet These to Lamar Alexander, John Kline, Rand Paul. #sunsetNCLB

If President Obama signs the ESEA reauthorization presented by Congress, the blame should be spread around where it belongs.  Senator Alexander is accepting comments through tomorrow and word on the street is that the reauthorization may be fast tracked with little to no time for legislative/public input or response.

Does this remind you of the lack of transparency in the Common Core writing?  With all the turmoil from NCLB, why are these legislators considering reauthorization vs annihilation of NCLB that President Bush was excoriated for signing?

Tweet this:
If NCLB reauthorized it’s Congress’ fault too: central control

Attach the meme above with the tweet.  States are being sold out for centralized control.  State legislatures won’t soon be necessary because all the decisions will be made by the Federal Department of Education.
And then follow up with THIS tweet and meme from

sunset nclbOriginally posted by Gretchen Logue at the Missouri Education Watchdog.  Reposted here with permission.
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One Response to Tweet These to Lamar Alexander, John Kline, Rand Paul. #sunsetNCLB

  1. Kathleen Dalessio says:

    Please do not pass this reauthorization of NCLB legislation ~ it will end Education as we know It and have the US DOE dictate policy and remove Parents & local control. It’s destructive and unconstitutional !!

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