What Ails Nevada? Starvation?

I would rather ask, “What Ales Nevada?” but that would quench a thirst and not satisfy the driven need to consume vast quantities of data, much of which is indigestible. What in the world am I talking about?

There are places in a number of states that have had technical difficulty administering online assessments. There have been reports of hacking, Denial of Service attacks, exceeding server capacity, and incompatible code resulting in students having difficulty completing their assessments. Will there be similar problems in Washington State? Have there already been problems in the state? If there are problems will it be reported to the public (taxpayers and voters)?

Nevada has experienced some difficulty in their online assessment administration. You can read a little about this difficulty in an article in the Las Vegas Sun. Clark County School District, the largest district in Nevada and one of the 10 largest districts in the country, has discontinued administering the Smarter Balanced Assessment as a result of the experienced difficulties. The Las Vegas Sun says this move “will starve the state of vital data”. That phrase jumped out of the article at me and did the same with some others with whom I had shared the article. That phrase, creepy as it is to some, made me think it could lead to an article that might read something like this:

Nevada has been suffering now for some time.  Up until a recent diagnosis, the cause has been unknown.  Doctors at the highly acclaimed Super Hyper Information Technology (S.H.I.T.) Clinic who specialize in digital disorders, have determined that Nevada’s suffering is a result of being starved of vital data.  The diagnosis is data deficiency malnourishment (DDM).  This is a newly discovered condition.  Other less severe cases have been identified scattered around the country as a result of the assessment opt out movement.  Experts are predicting the possibility of a nationwide epidemic.  The pathology of this much larger and more serious case in Nevada is still being studied. The cause of this case is still being determined while a number of companies and state agencies are pointing digits of blame with no one willing to be accountable. Everyone seems to want accountability yet no one is willing to be held accountable. It is uncertain if Nevada will make a full recovery as treatment for DDM is still in the experimental stage.  This case is so severe that normal and required research protocols are being abandoned in an attempt to treat this case.  The first course of experimental treatment will be student level data infused intravenous therapy.  This will be done without informed parent consent since it has been determined that the outcome of the experimental treatment will be the same whether informed parent consent is obtained or not.  Some may consider sending Nevada a Get Well card while others may wish to send Get Worse cards.

An advocate in another state has raised the chant, Starve the State!

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