John Oliver Takes On Standardized Testing and the Common Core

When I first started watching this video I thought I would post it immediately.  As I watched more of it, I decided I wasn’t going to post it because of some offensive language and subject matter.  Even with some material that might offend some,  John Oliver provides some excellent and entertaining analogies and criticism of standardized assessments and the Common Core.  I shared this video with a number of people across the country.  They acknowledge the video may be R rated but responded favorably to the video and indicated the presentation caught the attention of many who otherwise wouldn’t have paid attention to some of the issues addressed.  As a result, I decided to go ahead post the video here.  Watch at your own risk—and you may want to make sure there aren’t any children in the room when you watch it.

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3 Responses to John Oliver Takes On Standardized Testing and the Common Core

  1. Robert Taylor says:

    we have been receiving your e-mails for about a year +/- and have found them to be educational.

    i appreciate your screening videos before posting them – because of the “offensive language” you identified in this video, i will not be watching it.

    The Common Core challenge is a serious matter. i understand and respect that each person has their own standards for what media they choose to view – and i respect that we are all different in our choices and i will not take on the job of telling others what they should or should not watch – this video in particular.

    that said – i presume Mr. Oliver is educated and articulate- but if his education does not give him the language skills to communicate with others without using offensive language, i wonder if he is the type of person that should be speaking for your cause. and please tell Mr. Oliver – my objection is not with him or his message, but the language he chooses to use to convey his message.

    thank you for all your efforts in this difficult matter – i hope my message makes sense.

  2. MaryAnn Pederson says:

    Unfortunately I’m not as articulate as Mr. Robert Taylor but I totally agree with his message, and I thank him for his effort.

  3. Daniel Caldwell says:

    Good insight in the video. It certainly does not hold standardized tests in a favorable light. The language was mild and anything beyond PG-13 was “bleeped”. Still, if you’re really easily offended, steer clear.

    I have a home schooled child and am wondering if this next year is the year to place him in public school.

    The local schools use Common Core and it makes me NOT want to subject him to any of the problems I’ve heard from my friends and family (teachers included).

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