Labeling Students: Not College and Career Ready

For years it seemed like there was a major move away from labeling students.  We may be back to labeling students.  Students now may be labeled “College and Career Ready” or “Not College and Career Ready”.   Will labeling a student as “Not College and Career Ready” be more harmful than the kinds of labels used in the past?

In the video below, Matthew Johnson, a teacher at Frederich High School, in Frederick County, Maryland, speaks to his board of education.  He takes a strong stand against a policy he sees as being wrong.  Students in his district that do not score well enough on the PARCC assessment will have “Not College and Career Ready” added to their transcripts.  He says this ranks and dis-includes students.

Will other school districts have the same policy?  Will some states establish such a policy?  Will there be districts and states that use the SBAC assessment that will label students the same way?  Will students with such a label ever be hired for a job that requires them to provide a copy of their transcripts?

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