I’m Sorry Students…

A teacher has provided an emotional apology to her students in a video about standardized testing and computer use.  Here’s is the written description on youtube:

*This video and poem is protected by my first amendment rights. This is a general statement, and I believe I speak for many teachers. When I say students, I mean students in general who are part of a system in which teachers and students must comply. I give a quick anecdote as being “brought into the principal’s office” to show that even administration must comply with numbers. I address the others as the lawmakers who run education and don’t understand what is happening across American classrooms on a daily basis. We need change. Open your eyes, ears, and hearts…and listen to the educators.*

HT:  Truth in American Education

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1 Response to I’m Sorry Students…

  1. Jessica says:

    I “opted” my 4th grader out of testing again this year. Her principal and teacher tried to guilt me into having her take the test because they receive a zero for her not taking the test. Which proved my point.

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