Strong faith = Strong Families

Research Mom – Sharon Hanek
in Spokane WA
Friday – July 22nd:     Strong faith = Strong Families
Join Concerned Women for America and Research Mom for a presentation on protecting your family from the cultural trends affecting the classroom and the bathrooms.
CWA StrongFaith.Families 7.22.16Contact Sharon for more information

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5 Responses to Strong faith = Strong Families

  1. Katie Corson says:

    What does this have to do with the Common Core?

    • chascherrie says:

      In terms of what the presentation content sounds like, it doesn’t seem to be related to the Common Core. Both Concerned Women of America and Research Mom have worked to inform people about the Common Core. Many folks opposed to Common Core come from or have strong families. This was posted to let people who might be interested know about this meeting.

      • Katie Corson says:

        This doesn’t belong here (in my opinion). Sadly, “Research Mom” doesn’t recognize the similarities between her own relatives being the victims of ethnocentrism and fear-based policies to sequester those that the majority saw as different and thus not trustworthy and what transgender students face every day, perhaps most especially in locker rooms. Additionally, the statement that strong faith=strong families suggests that those without faith cannot have strong families and has NOTHING to do with the fight against invalid standardized tests and the top-down imposition of the Common Core State Standards.

  2. Charlotte rovelstad says:

    Time to opt out of this list serve.

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