Have Input in Filling a State Representative Position–Act Now

This Saturday there will be a new Senator chosen and possibly a new Representative for the House.

Sharon Hanek is the top choice chosen by the 31st District for the House position.  Now the King and Pierce County Councils must make the final decision.   Sharon has been a long time researcher of education issues and has a deep understanding of the problems facing many parents in Washington State.

Please help by calling the King County and Pierce County Council members and ask them to choose Sharon Hanek.  It is especially important for citizens of King and Pierce County to call their Council Member and make this request.

The selection will be this Saturday January 7th at 10:00.  The meeting is open to the public.   The first part of the meeting will be to select the next Senator.  It is hopeful that the #1 choice for the Senate seat, a current House member, will be chosen which then leaves a vacancy for Sharon Hanek to move into.   We hope the County Councils do honor the will of the 31st District, ask them to send both #1 choices of Senate and House to Olympia!

January 7 – 10:00 am
Fife City Hall
5411 23rd St E
Fife, WA 98424

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2 Responses to Have Input in Filling a State Representative Position–Act Now

  1. Kathryn Corson says:

    If we can’t attend, is there a number we can call to voice our opinion?

    • chascherrie says:

      A indicated in the post, call the King County and Pierce County Council members. Someone provided numbers for King County Council members. An online search should turn up numbers for Pierce County if you need. The area code for these numbers is 206.

      Names and number of King County Council

      Kathy Lambert (Dist 3) 477 1003
      Dave Upthegrove (Dist 4) 477 1005
      Larry Gossett 2 477 1002
      Rod Dembowski 1 477 1001
      Joe McDermott 8 477 1008
      Claudia Balducci 6 4771006
      Pete von Reichbauer 7 477 1007
      Jeanne Kohl-Welles 4 477 1004
      Reagan Dunn 9 477 1009

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