Oppose E2SHB 1661 Creating the department of children, youth, and families.

Please contact your state Senator and the members of the Washington
State Senate Human Services, Mental Health, & Housing Committee to urge
them to oppose E2SHB 1661.

E2SHB 1661 creates a mega-department by combining the Washington State
Department of Early Learning with the child welfare programs and the
juvenile justice programs from the Department of Social and Health
Services (DSHS). The Secretary of the department will be appointed, and
it will be overseen by a Board which will be appointed. No one in the
leadership will be directly accountable to the voters. This Department
will be under the Governor.

The new department will be called the _Department of Children, Youth,
and Families._ That covers just about everybody. It will be even more
overbearing than any of it’s component agencies.

See the bill:
HB 1661 – 2017-18 Creating the department of children, youth, and families.

This bill has already been passed by the State House of Representatives
and is now in the State Senate

The 258-page bill promotes a “data-focused environment in which there
are aligned outcomes.” The department will strive for “continuous
improvement”……involving “data collecting….” and will “conduct
quality assurance on programs.” In other words, there will be much
data-collection and sharing, and using those data to further state
government goals and policies. Sadly, experience shows that government
policies are not always in alignment with traditional family beliefs and

Below is information about the Hearing. If you can’t attend, please call
or e-mail your Senator and/or the members of the Human Services, Mental
Health & Housing Committee and urge them to oppose the bill, even
though many of them co-sponsored the companion bill in the Senate.

Please note: These hearing times and dates can and often do change.
Verify the date and time before you attend the meeting.

Senate Human Services, Mental Health & Housing Committee
3/27/17 1:30 pm
Senate Full Committee
Senate Hearing Rm 2
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA


* 2SHB 1280 – Including referred and diverted youth in establishing
community juvenile accountability program guidelines.


* 2SHB 1170 – Maintaining and facilitating court-based and
school-based efforts to promote attendance and reduce truancy.
* 2SHB 1402 – Concerning the rights and obligations associated with
incapacitated persons and other vulnerable adults.
* SHB 1477 – Concerning disclosure of health-related information
with persons with a close relationship with a patient.

Information provided by Citizens United for Responsible Education.

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