Sen. Murray on School Choice: Privatization, Vouchers, and Charters

Sen. Murray is speaking out about school choice, accountability, privatization, vouchers, and charters.  You can read a little about it in a press release titled Murray to Colleagues: Stand Up for Students and Fight Public School Privatization dated March 22, 2017.

The press release mentions a memo to the Democratic caucus.  You can download the memo here or you can scroll through the memo below.

As a main author of ESSA, I wonder why Sen. Murray didn’t address her concerns through ESSA.  Other questions pop up in my mind like, will the accountability Murray wants for private schools push them away from the playing field (not accepting vouchers or any gov’t funds) and further limiting school choice?  Sen. Murray does push for excellent public schools for every child.  In my eyes, the focus on improving public schools has received too little attention and what attention has been given hasn’t always been sensible.

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