NAS President Peter Wood Talks Common Core

Peter Wood talks about the Common Core back in 2014.  This is worth listening to.  It is just short of eleven minutes long.  Even if you are well versed in issue related to the Common Core, this is a nice refresher.

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1 Response to NAS President Peter Wood Talks Common Core

  1. Jim Nations says:

    I’m Jim Nations, have been researching and writing about the Next Generation Science Standards here in Wyoming for 3 years.

    To understand NGSS and its goals, a a person could do worse than substitute “NGSS” for every occurance of “Common Core” in the video. The match-up is remarkable

    As bad as Common Core is, its Achieve, Inc. companion piece Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are even worse. NGSS is not science education, it’s political indoctrination and Agenda 21 “sustainability” topics.

    Some examples – plants don’t need food (taught in Life Sciences), humans have more impact on Earth than volcanoes (taught in Earth Systems), and of course, climate change (taught in Earth and Human Activity/Sustainability). No mention of the scientific method, reproducible results, almost no chemistry or physics or genetics or simple machines or computer science or geology or astronomy; the list goes on.

    Common Core impacts English, language arts, and math; NGSS destroys scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and logical thought. NGSS is junk science in education.

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