Personalized Learning

One element of Ed Reform 2.0, or Future Ready Schools, is Personalized Learning. A number of documents about Personalized Learning (PL) will be featured on this page with some information from each. As you read through the information, even if you do not read the full text of the documents, you likely will notice some common threads about PL.  On the surface, Personalized Learning will sound great to a large number of people.  Under that surface, there are serious issues that can not be overcome but likely will be smoothed over with enormous public relation promotions.  Isn’t it true that if they say it often enough it must be true?

Big data demands, adaptive learning software use, the move to mobile device use, and embedded assessments all come into play with Personalized Learning, requiring and relying heavily on technology.  Anytime student data is captured online, as these features of PL do, there is always the possibility of student privacy being compromised.

Personalize Learning, as often presented, is student centered, calls for project-based learning. and is competency-based learning.  To many, project-based learning’s effectiveness is questionable and controversial.  Competency-based learning requires a well defined set of standards.  The standards called for are either the Common Core State Standards or the same referred to as college-and-career-ready standards.  Many elements of PL call for the role of teachers to change.

There is no indication parents want or have requested Personalized Learning as a way to meet the educational needs of their students. Not only does it appear parents have not asked for PL, they don’t seem to be asked for input or even included in discussions about it.

Is Personalize Learning a major reform measure being imposed on an education system that has not asked for it from the ground level and is not ready for it?  Like other imposed reform measures, PL will require massive funding and an incredible amount of professional development.

You can read more about this on the Personalized Learning page.

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