Competency-Based Learning Articles of Note

The American Council on Education and Blackboard’s publication Clarifying Competency Based Education Terms defines Competency-Based Learning as:

Competency based learning (CBL) refers to learning processes focused on acquiring specific skills and developing specific abilities. Competency based learning can hap- pen in any context, whether or not it is part of an educational program or happens in a classroom or formal educational setting. In competency based learning, as distinct from competency based education, the focus is on learners and their experiences in learning environments.

Competency-Based Learning (CBL) is an element of Ed Reform 2.0 or Future Ready Schools.  It supports Personalized Learning and in most cases today relies heavily on technology.  Eventually a page dedicated to CBL will be added to this site.  In the meantime, three recent articles have been published that are worth bringing to your attention.

On the surface, CBL sounds great and like many other education reform measures is promoted with selling points that would make it difficult to object to.  Education often sees some programs or reform measures that didn’t gain traction in previous iterations undergo name changes and get recycled with new packaging.  That seems to be the case with CBL.  It is back now in full force but it doesn’t appear to be at the request of parents.  The first article below gets below the surface glamour of CBL.  While I recommend all three articles, if you were only going to read one of the three, make it the first one.

Why ‘Competency-Based Education’ Will Deepen America’s Education Crisis

KnowledgeWorks, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the push for competency based learning

Hoping to escape Competency-Based Education? Looks like Wyoming is your only option.

recycle with new packaging and name changes.

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