Student Data Exposed and For Sale

Two articles about student data recently came to my attention.  I thought I would share them here for those who are interested.

Schoolzilla ‘File Configuration Error’ Exposes Data for More than 1.3M Students, Staff tells about a researcher discovering that Schoolzilla had backed up 12 gigabytes of staff and student data to a publicly accessible location.  The school district in Palo Alto, CA was one of the school districts affected.  Is it wishful thinking to think this might get the folks in Silicon Valley concerned about data security?  Even though Schoolzilla notified their customers there is no guarantee school districts will notify all parents and staff.

Hacker Steals Millions of User Account Details from Education Platform Edmodo indicates the stolen data may be for sale on the dark web.

I have long figured it was a matter of time before hackers would find a way to make a profit from student data.  Will we see a rise in the hack frequency of student data if it turns a profit?  Will the impact of stolen data be immediate or will it take years to realize?  Have State Longitudinal Data Systems been compromised?  Are parents always informed when a breach takes place?  Once the school, state, or any vendor has the data, parents and students have no control over what happens to it.  How secure is student data?

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