Manipulation, Reality Apathy, Automated Laser Phishing, Human Puppets, and the Infocalypse

There are two things being presented in this post.  The first is a video and the second is a link to an article.  I encouraged you to watch the video and read the article.  Neither are focused on education.  As you watch and read, consider the impact to education and the present and future well being of our kids… and ourselves.

Couple this video with the information in the article at the link provided below… and at some point we may have to question everything, including this video.

He Predicted The 2016 Fake News Crisis. Now He’s Worried About An Information Apocalypse.

That future, according to Ovadya, will arrive with a slew of slick, easy-to-use, and eventually seamless technological tools for manipulating perception and falsifying reality, for which terms have already been coined — “reality apathy,” “automated laser phishing,” and “human puppets.”

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