FBI: Data Collection and Unsecured Systems Could Pose Risks to Students

The complete text of a public service announcement released by the FBI on September 13, 2018 is provided below.  It raises a lot of questions for me and should raise a lot of concern on the part of parents, teachers, and schools.

Why is it that the FBI is sending out such an announcement?  Good for them. Does this PSA go far enough?  Is is craftily soft pedaling the issue?  An article at Wrench in the Gears indicates the PSA Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be.

Are schools sending out announcements like this?  There’s no reason a school couldn’t send this announcement home.  EdSurge featured an article about this public service announcement and others have written about the PSA and posted it online.  Is it reaching the hands of parents?  The US Department of Education sends info out to every school in the country but I have seen no evidence they sent this PSA out… or anything similar.  I wonder why?

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