About the Drop in the ACT Math Scores

Here are four articles related to the recently released report about ACT scores that show a decline in math scores.

Years After States Adopt Common Core, 2018 Sees Worst ACT Scores in over a Decade

Common Core, The Great “Leveler”

Nike Hayes has provided a few comments about the decline in math scores.  Niki is a retired math teacher/principal and author of John Saxon’s Story, a genius of common sense in math education.

Our math scores started a downhill trajectory in 1989, the year NCTM published its national mathematics standards and  when states’ education leaders eagerly jumped on board. Why? Because those standards were designed to bring equity to girls and minorities in math education. Grant monies were offered for those who would adopt the new progressive and unproven curricula materials. States ran to them with their hands out.

The NCTM standards were not designed to bring results of excellence for all. Common Core is simply those standards reinforced, but with a focus now on producing workers. The “results” of that continuing focus on their “processes” is that no one is showing results of excellence.

Interestingly, NCTM president Jack Price said in 1995 that the problem with traditional mathematics instruction is that it only worked with white males and Asians. (He did not distinguish between Asian males and females.) Math is based on logical, analytical, and deductive reasoning. He said that girls and minorities learned inductively and with lots of “community” talking and hands on activities. In other words, they can’t think logically, analytically, or deductively. Five thousand years of math history were dismissed as irrelevant in the growth and development of vastly different cultures around the world, which included women and people of color and ethnicity.

Don’t get me started…




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