We’re Doing This All Wrong

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We’re doing this all wrong.

Some day … somehow … education will discover a proper obsession.


Until then … children will suffer these testing-despots … and too many adults will make believe it’s all okay.

And it’s not.

Lots of things in life just can’t be measured … because they can’t even be defined.

Love. Creativity. Curiosity. Courage. Passion.

So, if you want a real thinker to blossom from childhood, don’t measure them at every turn. Indulge them in their own curiosities … and they’ll measure themselves and shine for all of ever.

American education is now controlled by self-imagined geniuses … short-stay aliens who parachute into classrooms … and then dash off.

Most share one important experience:

They have no experience.

Few have ever spent a morning on a kindergarten floor … or in a hot-hot circular discussion with lively seventh graders … or faced off against wing-spreading high…

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