Education News Scoop Dec.18, 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All (well, maybe just a wee bit) the news that’s fit to print… and even more that isn’t but is printed anyway. Of the articles I come across, some may be worth sharing even if I, and possibly you, aren’t supportive of what is being reported. There may be something of interest to you in this line up of articles.


WATCH: Generating new evidence to scale quality education interventions

From the Brookings Institute.  I haven’t researched what they are doing but it makes me wonder if they are working as a branch of the UN.  What I didn’t hear mentioned was the incredible amount of data this effort will require.


Education ranked worst at cybersecurity out of 17 major industries

In its 2018 Education Cybersecurity Report, the company found that the education industry is not taking many of the necessary steps to protect students from cyber-vulnerabilities.

To get a copy of this report requires providing first name, last name, email address, and company name.  No thanks.  Being asked to give your information and willingly providing it for something you want is different from it being taken when there is a data breach.  Or is it?  Yes, being held hostage is different from theft.  You guessed it.  I did not get a copy of the report.


The ‘dirty secret’ about educational innovation

From the Hechinger Report.  Does it come as any surprise that what the “experts” say is supposed to work doesn’t?  Yet the government continues to use our tax dollars to fund unproven efforts.  No surprise that there were some flawed research designs.


Sen. Lamar Alexander, Capitol Hill’s Top Republican on Education, Won’t Run in 2020

This is from Education Week and is behind a subscription wall.  I don’t subscribe.  Yes, I know it says it free.  It really isn’t—the cost would be giving up my email address (voluntarily of course).





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