Parental Rights, What’s That? Scoop Feb. 24, 2019

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All (well, maybe just a wee bit) the news that’s fit to print… and even more that isn’t but is printed anyway. Of the articles I come across, some may be worth sharing even if I, and possibly you, aren’t supportive of what is being reported. There may be something of interest to you in this line up of articles.

Do parents matter any more?  Apparently not to bureaucrats and policy makers who don’t see a need to listen to parents.

Parental choice, freedom and California’s overreaching sex-education
Is anyone, even Alexa, listening to what parents want and don’t want for their kids?

The state of California and state teachers’ unions have declared themselves the sole authority over what sexual values California’s children, their families and teachers should embrace.

…but thousands of trustees, teachers and parents “represented” by those associations are aghast.

They’ve (parents) written new curricula more suited to community values only to face rejection.

Because state officials use public schools to subvert parental authority, childhood innocence, religious liberties and more, California parents ache for educational freedom.

Wake changed how it teaches high school math. Some parents say it’s hurting students.
“Moving the cheese.”  Alexa, can and should the cheese be moved be moved to where the parents want it?

Parents from across the county showed up for a meeting Wednesday night at Green Hope about the MVP curriculum. They were turned away due to lack of space.

‘We need to look at this again,” Wyatt said in an interview. “This is not working.”

Opinion: Education bureaucrats try to squash independent thought
Why isn’t it parents, and not bureaucrats/policy makers, that get to
“set a clear vision that broadens the definition of student success to prioritize the whole child?”  Just askin’.

SEL is a red-hot item on the panacea shelf in the fad-prone realm of mass education right now, as is computerized personalized learning.

Federal and foundation partnerships aim to embed SEL into the daily fabric of government schooling. When powerful elites and institutions—such as Aspen—speak of attitudes, dispositions, and values that schoolchildren “require” in order to be “whole,” they use gentle-sounding terms such as collaboration, perseverance, a sense of responsibility, and the abilities to “think critically, consider diverse views, and problem-solve.”

SEL opens a pathway for encouraging collectivist groupthink—a socialistic mindset—in ways more stealthy than already practiced in government schools.

Nor do Aspen’s cosmic thinkers exhibit regard for parents’ rights to supervise the upbringing of their children and to have a reasonable expectation that taxpayer-funded schools are not going to transmit values diametrically opposed to those taught at home.

What a California school survey can tell us about measuring social and emotional skills

We asked Indiana teachers why they’re leaving the classroom: ‘Death by a thousand cuts’

Support, strengthen education reforms in California, new report urges
It says that one of the report’s authors is the institute’s senior writer and director of storytelling.  Storytelling?  That that sure puts me right in my credibility comfort zone.  Couple that with LDH.

Tech Talk:  You Can Run but You Can’t Hide with Eyes Everywhere

Chicago’s vast camera network helped solve Smollett case



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