Critical Race Theory Related Resources

Here some resources for those concerned about Critical Race Theory. A page has been set up and will be added to as other resources come to my attention. The page is CRT Related Resources.

Resources, Groups, Organizations, & Info Sources

No Left Turn in Education
Parents Defending Education
Stand Up Virginia
Education First Alliance
Critical Race Training in Education  (a map)
Legal Insurrection Foundation
Intellectual Dark Web
1776 Unites
Heterodox Academy
Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism
FIRE   Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Free the People
1775 Project
Parents Against Critical Race Theory
Speak Up For Education
Citizens for Renewing America
Schoolhouse Rights


Californians for Equal Rights Foundation
Educators for Quality and Equality
CA Parents and Educators Alliance for Rejection of Proposed Math Framework


Awake Illinois


Nevada Family Alliance


Oregonians for Liberty in Education


Coalition for TJ
Advocating for Diversity and Excellence at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Fight for Schools


Southlake Families

CRT Legislation Trackers

State Tracker:  CRT Legislation
CRT Legislation Tracker
Critical Race Theory: Legislation Tracker

Toolkits, Checklists, and Model Board Policy

Combatting Critical Race Theory in Your Community
An A to Z Guide on How to Stop Critical Race Theory and Reclaim Your Local School Board
Reject Critical Race Theory
CRT Checklist
Model School Board Language to Prohibit Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory Briefing Book

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  1. Brian Gomolski says:

    Thank you, this is really helpful!



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