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How Common Core Broke U.S. Schools

CNBC’s article States are implementing new educational standards, signaling the end of Common Core included a video worth sharing. The video can also be found on youtube. The information on youtube says: First implemented in 2009, Common Core was an … Continue reading

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Common Core Revolution

‘The Revolution Band’ from Massachusetts perform “Common Core Revolution”. Original music by The Beatles (duh). Lyrics: We say we want a Revolution Well you know, we all hate Common Core You tell me it’s a school solution Well you know, … Continue reading

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State Data Deal with Media Should Alarm You

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Thanks to KUOW’s article, State Deal to Give Media Organizations Student Data Alarms Privacy Experts, the deal the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) made to provide the Seattle Times with individual teacher and student level data has … Continue reading

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A Brief Audit of Bill Gates’ Common Core Spending

This is a post about Bill Gates and his money, a brief audit of his Common Core (CCSS) purchases. Before I delve into Gates accounting, allow me to set the stage with a bit of CCSS background. It is important … Continue reading

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One step to new standards, one giant leap of logic

A Guest Post by Alyson Williams Some steps are more significant than others. When Neil Armstrong took his first step onto the moon, everyone knew it was the beginning of a new era. It was the “space age” and it … Continue reading

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