Ed Reform 2.0

Education reform has been well underway for decades.  It has picked up the pace considerably in the last two decades.  The Common Core State Standards, related assessments, state longitudinal data systems, education technology, and other measures have served like accelerants in the ed reform arson.  The result is Ed Reform 2.0.

Alison McDowell presented Future Ready Schools: How Silicon Valley and the Defense Department Plan to Remake Public Education in Seattle in March 2017.  Her presentation addresses Ed Reform 2.0 and provides an informative introduction to it.

Here is another video with Alison on Ed Reform 2.0.

Many elements of Ed Reform 2.0 are already in place throughout the country and others are being considered and developed.

The 4-Minute Version–Ed Reform 2.0 The End Game

Alison McDowell blogs at Wrench in the Gears.

You can download the slide show Alison used in her Seattle presentation by clicking here.  Some of the slides have embedded hotlinks to some of the source documents.  I have downloaded many of those documents and they are available to you in one place.  You should be able to view or download any of the documents by clicking here.  The document names start with a number that corresponds to a slide show slide.

Below is the image of one slide from the slide show.  It depicts some elements of ed reform in the first column and elements of Ed Reform 2.0 in the second column.



Here are some pages with more detailed information about Ed Reform 2.0 elements.  More pages will be added about various elements as information is collected and compiled.

Ed Reform 2.0 Teaching Profession Future?

Ed Reform 2.0 Personalized Learning

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