Big Data Videos

Ethical Use of Big Data in Education

Research scholar and attorney Elana Zeide gave a presentation about the ethical use of big data in education in October 2016. She addresses embedded assessments as a part of personalized learning and competency based education. Information on youtube includes:

Education is increasingly big data-driven. Digitally-mediated education tools, social media data mining, and the Internet of Things generates a wealth of data about students’ actions both within and outside classrooms. Personalized learning platforms use detailed, real-time learner information to adjust instruction, assessment, and guidance automatically through adaptive structures and artificial intelligence. These algorithmic profiles can also serve as credentials in the place of traditional resumes and transcripts, and, in doing so, provide more access to better quality, lower-cost education and socioeconomic opportunity.

This presentation examines the rise, promise, and perils of big data-driven education. New technologies and infrastructures may have unintended consequences that undermine the very goals reformers seek to achieve. As part of an emerging “scored society,” reliance on what I call “algorithmic credentials” also has important implications for society, the economy, and democracy.

Pro Big Data Videos

There are a lot of videos promoting Big Data in education.  A start to finding some would be to search on YouTube for big data education.  Much of what is said often sounds good even though issues related to student privacy and abuse of data are downplayed if mentioned at all.

Some videos promote Big Data as helping to make decisions based on what children really need from cradle to grave.  The Big Data determines what a child needs, not the parents or the child.

Here’s a sampling of some videos.

The Key to Educational Improvement: Data and How We Use It
Big Data & Education

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