The Common Core cuts classic literature down to between 40 and 60% of the standards and promotes writing over reading. Without rich language to read, it is harder for children to write and children must read before they can write. Rich language stimulates intellect!


Mark Twain wouldn’t have liked the Common Core either because the proponents have to use lies in order to sell them. Lies such as that the standards are “state led” – they are not local in any way. What about the lie of “college-ready” when you have professors saying they don’t meet the needs of colleges? If the Common Core were that great, they’d sell themselves and not require a campaign of lies to do it for them.

The Common Core is said to be necessary to make children college and career ready, but we should not be training children to be workers, but educating children to develop the wisdom it will take them to decide on a career path.


If all children are to be funneled through the same set of standards – that must be taught in their entirety in order to pass the common core-based state tests, which are necessary for a school to get a grade of A-C so as not to be taken over by their state or a state contractor – and these standards have never been tried or tested or studied, or even read prior to acceptance into state law – how do we even have an idea of what the outcome will be for children?


Einstein wouldn’t have liked Common Core either! Relativity was wonderful when applied to the universe and the expansion of space. Not so when children are educated relative to one another. Einstein was self-taught. Compulsory education means children don’t get that opportunity today and if trapped in a classroom with standards relative to all other children,how will individualism be nurtured?



The monied organizations and foundations may be able to buy their way into the educational outcomes of our children, but not if mothers everywhere will stand up and say, “NO!” Mothers know what’s best for their children, and it isn’t Common Core.


common+core+croniesAll the same organizations and foundations are pushing the standards – over the objections of parents who learn enough on their own to understand them.


securedownloadThe State Longitudinal Database System – a data collection system running parallel to the Common Core and required by Race to the Top and a No Child Left Behind waiver – collect LOTS of student data without parental consent.

Common+Core+Snake+OilCommon Core is really nothing but Snake Oil that will fix NOTHING it is said to fix.

give+me+liberty+or+give+me+common+corePatrick Henry would definitely not be in favor of the liberty his children would lose by accepting a set of national standards over which his school board and state had zero to very little control. We can either have liberty OR the Common Core – but not both.


Proponents say that we need standards NOT a mile long and an inch deep – so the obvious conclusion is that we need standards that are a mile deep and an inch long! Guess we’ll have plenty of time for testing!

Common+COre+cookie+cutter+kidsThe same common standards for everyone in every school in every state cannot help but create common cookie cutter kids.

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