Misunderstandings about Understanding in Math

Barry Garelick has produced a very informative evidence-supported instructional practice presentation called Misunderstandings about Understanding for researchED‘s August 2020 Virtual Event.

researchED provides this as a brief intro to the presentation:

“The issue of balance between procedural fluency and conceptual understanding in mathematics has served as a dividing line in education. Some believe that understanding of a procedure or algorithm must precede the procedure/algorithm itself—and if it doesn’t precede it, it should come about quickly. Failure to do this results in students who some call “math zombies”. Others believe that procedural fluency and conceptual understanding is an iterative process where one feeds the other. This talk explores what understanding is and what it isn’t, as well as how misunderstandings about understanding affect students.”

Also provided is the following information about Barry:

“Barry Garelick majored in mathematics at the University of Michigan. After working in the environmental field, he retired and embarked on a second career of teaching. He teaches 7th and 8th grade math at a small K-8 Catholic School in California. He has written articles about math education which have appeared in The Atlantic, Education Next and the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.”

You can view Barry’s presentation by clicking the image up above or clicking Misunderstandings about Understanding.

Barry posts at Traditional Math: An Effective Strategy Teachers Feel Guilty Using.

Barry has written a number of articles about math and math education. He has also written a few entertaining books that provide some insight humor about his experience teaching math. Chapters of his most recent book(yet to be published in book form), Out on Good Behavior: Teaching Math While Looking Over Your Shoulder are available online at Truth in American Education.

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