Parent Resources:

Stop Common Core Presentations:

Rather than reinventing the wheel, the wonderful people over at http://www.stopccssinnys.com allowed us to use the presentations that they have compiled. We are hoping that by having presentations available to you, it will make it easier to go out and spread the word to friends, neighbors, your school board, etc. Also, if you created your own presentation, please free free to submit yours to: stopcommoncorewa@gmail.com.  We’d be happy to give you credit for it!!!

Board of Education Scripts: 

These are scripts that you can use as a guide when speaking at your local school board meeting. The following are just some of the topics covered in the scripts: how CC came into fruition, educational experts opposing the implementation of CC, the violation of three federal laws, the gutting of FERPA, and more… along with instructions to help you be successful in getting the word out on a local level. (Thank you to Californians United Against Common Core (http://cuacc.org/) who started these scripts)

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