Introduction to data mining our kids

Moms Alyson Williams, Jenni White, Alisa Ellis and Christel Swasey, of Utah and Oklahoma, chat in a Google Hangout about their concerns and experiences with government data mining children without parental consent.

This also appears on Common Core: Education Without Representation.

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3 Responses to Introduction to data mining our kids

  1. MaryAnn Pederson says:

    I get the big picture regarding Common Core, and it makes me sick. However, it seems to me that this has already been approved and is currently being taught in Washington state. So how in the world can anything be done about it now?.

  2. Okie says:

    Don’t throw the towel in. Lots can be done. First, parents need to take responsibility for their child’s education and not just put their trust in the public schools. That may mean homeschooling, private school, or educating your child at home in addition to their attending public school. Make sure your friends and relatives are taking responsibility for the education of their kids. Get involved to make sure decisions are being made at the local level to reflect the education desired by the parents and the community rather than letting decisions be made about your child’s education by people in Olympia and Washington, D.C.—people who don’t know your child and are remote from your child’s classroom.

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