AN AMERICAN EDUCATION AGENDA Top 15 Recommendations for Improving K-12 Education

The Pacific Research Institute has published Lance Izumi’s Top 15 Recommendations for Improving K-12 Education.  The recommendation document can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.  There are five recommendations for the federal level and ten recommendations for the state and local level.  Discussion is provided for each recommendation.  I encourage you to check out the document and read the discussion for each recommendation.

Like me, you may favorably view some recommendations and view others very negatively.  Here are the recommendations:

Top 5 Federal Recommendations

  1. Shrink the size of the U.S. Department of Education
  2. Appoint an effectiveness task force to review federal education programs
  3. Federal tax credit for school choice
  4. Repeal Obama-era policies
  5. Widen the discussion of school choice

Top 10 State and Local Recommendations

  1. Repeal and replace Common Core
  2. Improve charter school laws
  3. Implement expansive private school choice programs
  4. Vergara reforms: teacher tenure, layoff policies, and removal procedures
  5. Improve the environment for digital learning to succeed
  6. Reform teacher education and preparation programs
  7. Increase education finance transparency
  8. Create strong accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act
  9. Improve school safety
  10. Expand teacher choice





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2 Responses to AN AMERICAN EDUCATION AGENDA Top 15 Recommendations for Improving K-12 Education

  1. Joan Ritchie says:

    Has anyone of you heard of “Project lead The Way” It is on the agenda for the next Sequim School board meeting, Monday Jan 22, 2018 Joan Ritchie Sequim, WA

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