What is FEPA? Does it have Surveillance State Potential?

FEPA is short for the Foundations of Evidence-Based Policymaking Act (S. 2046).  Jane Robbins is featured in this excellent short video where she explains what FEPA is and why it is not a good thing.

Randy Osborne has a broadcast called Emergency Broadcast-Governement Data Mining Nanny State that is presented below.  The broadcast features Jane Robbins, Karen Effrem, and Erin Tuttle.  The info provided on youtube says:

The most dangerous yet nanny state’s data collection on Americans has already passed the House and is currently in the Senate waiting for passage. Please watch and contact your Senators and ask them to vote no on Senate Bill 2046. For additional information please go to edlibertywatch.org. This is important to stop this data mining on our children!

Call your Senators 202-224-3121 and ask them not to support SB-2046.


In the post, Executive Summary of Rebuttal to House “Myths & Facts” on FEPA at edlibertywatch.com, claims made by the House Majority Staff are presented with rebuttals.

Since this is a bill our own WA Sen. Patty Murray introduced do you think there is any hope she can be convinced to vote against it?  Who or what is behind a bill like this?  Is this something that came as a result of what common everyday people have expressed they want?  Or is it something other unmentioned entities and individuals want?


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Thanks to the Citizen Action webpage for having this information all in one location.

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